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Explaining of NIMA

For who

The ETCN e-learning programs are focused on working professionals in Central and Eastern Europe and the Caucasus. People who work as marketer or are interested to work as marketer.
Participants in the ETCN e-learning program have higher education or study in higher education.

Our e-learning programs are also open for students of universities. Take a look at the possibilities at “our packages”


The ETCN e-leaning program offers you the possibility to study in our marketing NIMA marketing training programs at your time and your place.
You can also study on your way based on your needs and your budget. You can choose the learning package you want.

Do you prefer to study on your own and participate in the exam? No problem!
Do you want an experienced marketer to coach you and provide you with feedback? You can select one of our experienced coaches based on your preferences!
Do you want to have the coaching also by the implementation of your marketing plan? Our concept makes it possible even to get coaching after your examination! You’ll be coached during the implementation of your marketing plan.


The e-learning possibility comes in addition to our classroom based education concept that already runs for several years in Moscow, Kiev, Baku, Minsk, Tbilisi, and Yerevan. By offering our programs in an e-learning variant we open the program for people who do not have the possibility to visit the lectures in one of the mentioned cities.