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General information about ETCN

Education & Training Centre of the Netherlands (ETCN) specializes in international educational programs in Central and Eastern Europe. ETCN is the main partner of NIMA in these regions. Based on years of experience ETCN developed in close cooperation with NIMA, NIMA-A and NIMA-B, NIMA Marketing communication-B and NIMA Sales-B programs. The educational programs of ETCN distinguish themselves with tailor made educational programs for Central and Eastern Europe and with a competence based practical approach. The slogan of ETCN is “Put Knowledge into Practice” and that is exactly what we do in our NIMA programs. ETCN is active with marketing training programs in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

The 5 P’s of our educational programs

Professionals as trainers

The quality of a training depends on such an important part as the professionalism of the trainer. For that reason we only use professionals as trainers.

All our trainers are trained in modern teaching techniques of action learning and competences based education. Moreover, they have rich experience in the field they teach.

Practical approach

We believe that good marketing managers have a solid theoretical base but theory alone is not enough. A marketing manager can only perform at top level  when he or she is competent and has the right skills.

For that reason we have a very practical approach in our trainings. All lectures are done by professionals who know the practice of what they teach. Professionals who understand the business environment. Professionals who can bridge the gap between theory and practice.

We understand that you come to our courses to learn to apply all things in your working practice. For that reason the practical situation at your work is the starting point for our training.

Personal attention

ETCN places the participants of their courses central. Our trainers and coaches support you in order to get the maximum result of your training.

Our trainings take place in an interactive way where enough place is for your personal input.

Performance above the average

We are not satisfied with average results of our participants.  In our support we are focused on good preparation of our candidates for the exams. We provide you with clear guidelines, necessary documents and advices in order to pass successfully the exam of the Netherlands Institute of Marketing.

Professional certification based on EU standards

Our programs are based in international competence  profiles and have a link with European Quality Framework standards.