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With the NIMA self-study programs, you can study when it suits you the most.
– Your time and your place
– At your computer, tablet of smartphone
– In Russian or in English

Study at your time and your place

Study online

Plan your progress

Our self-study program

Following the NIMA programs in a self-study format is possible. Self-study is on the rise due to the availability of internet and other technologies. Self-study gives participants the possibility study at a time and a place they prefer. It is a flexible and cost-effective way to study.
There are different ways self-study programs can be offered and to manage expectations we explain in this document what to expect from our NIMA self-study program.

We have different Russian-speaking and English-speaking e-coaches with various specializations.

Our self-study format

Self-study means studying without a real lectures and lecturers and colleague students. You study by reading the content of the modules of our self-study program. We use module planners that guide you through the books you need to buy but also offer you links to online content from open sources.
The self-study program is offered on our online learning platform.

It is possible to select an e-coach who will give feedback to your practical assignments and helps you with the preparation for the practical exams. We recommend the use of our e-coaches when you study NIMA-A online marketer, NIMA-B Consumer marketing, NIMA-B business marketing or NIMA-B digital marketing.

At the platform

At the NIMA self-study platform you will find:

  1. Module planners with learning goals and references to the books where you can find the content related to that learning goals
  2. Links to additional resources (online) to put content in a broader perspective. For example links to websites, clips at   YouTube, etc.)
  3. Links to content that is not covered in de required books
  4. Questions to check your understanding of the topics
  5. Exam questions from previous NIMA exams
  6.  Practical assignments
  7. Previously used NIMA exam so that you are perfectly prepared for the exams

Al materials are available in Russian and in English

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