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Kazakhstan: KFMR

The Kazakhstan Federation of Marketing, Advertising and PR is a non-governmental foundation and was founded in 2011.

The prioritized tasks of The Kazakhstan Federation of Marketing, Advertising and PR are the following ones:

  • coordination of marketing and investment projects realization oriented on rising profitability and capitalization of companies;
  • public awareness campaigns and popularization of marketing on the basis of practical results;
  • developing the growth concept of marketing capitalization of Kazakhstan companies;
  • creating marketing tools for small and medium entrepreneurship;
  • creating conditions for providing Kazakhstan companies with certificated qualified specialists, experts and managers in the area of marketing and communications;
  • developing the professional and educational standards in the field of marketing;
  • collaboration with international specialized professional organizations on the ground of the main areas.

In 2011 and 2013 the Federation successfully conducted the “Marketing in Kazakhstan” international conference and the “Vth Eurasian Forum of Marketing Managers” international forum. Both the conference and the forum gathered directors of the largest national and foreign manufacturing, investment, consulting and research companies, specialists who have the world reputation in the field of marketing, consultants of the leading national, transnational and international companies.


The Federation, being the exclusive Partner of the Netherlands Institute of Marketing (NIMA), has opened the first in Kazakhstan the International Marketing School and provides training and certification according to the international standards with the NIMA program. In 203 there was conducted the ”Eurasian MarkeTop” first international competition in the area of marketing, which was held with the nominations “The best marketing project of the year in Kazakhstan, Russian and Belorussia”.


Contact information:

050042, The Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, Taugul-2, 13, office 72.
Office phone number: +7(727) 254-76-94.
Mobile: +77777401140.
Website: www.nima.kz

Timur Sabitov – The President of the Kazakhstan Federation of Marketing, Advertising and PR (sabitov@kfmr.kz).