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Customer Journey: definition & meaning

Customer journey is the term used in marketing meaning the total value attributed by all interactions with a company or brand to a customer while looking for there sought after product or service up to and after the transaction or purchase.

Customer journey is used as a metaphor for the total customer experience up to and after any sale and this during any interaction with a company or brand in every setting and on every medium. As a method it is best placed as attempt to create a consistent and positive or even an unified approach to multi-channel marketing placing the customer in the center. The precise registration and analyses of the value for a customer of such interactions, and there effect on the likelihood of it adding or declining to the change of a sale being made what is called customer journey mapping.

Source: https://www.ensie.com/daniel-mulder/customer-journey

How To Create A Customer Journey Map

The Hunkemöller Customer Journey

Perfect example of a customer journey related to the Dutch lingerie brand Hunkemoller.

The Business Benefits of Customer Journey Mapping

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